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Our Fire Sprinkler Design Services are Exactly What You Need to Get Your Project Back on Track and Pipe on the Job!

  • Fire Sprinkler Plans

    Fire sprinkler shop drawings designed to fit so your fitters have no trouble understanding the plans making installation a breeze

  • Hydraulic Calculations

    Multiple hydraulic calculations are performed as needed to keep pipe sizes as small as possible which help speed installation time

  • Stocklisting

    Stocklisting is available so you waste no time figuring out what equipment is needed and lets you get pipe on the job as fast as possible

Today is December 15th, 2017 and you still need to submit to the AHJ when the plans are completed so don't waste any valuable time...

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Fire Sprinkler Designer - Commercial and Residential - Services Available in Las Vegas and Nationwide

Craig Jackson has been designing fire sprinkler systems for 20+ years and has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Oklahoma State University in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology. He is certified NICET Level IV (#92171) and is a freelance fire sprinkler system designer that specializes in commercial fire sprinkler system design as well as residential fire sprinkler system design. If your design team is overloaded and you need fire sprinkler plans quick then consider outsourcing your next fire sprinkler design.